01. Memorial Park
02. Shadowgard City Hall
03. Municipal Courthouse
04. Emergency Services Building
05. Mercy Hospital
06. Redemption Cemetery
07. Wolfram & Hart Shadowgard
08. Lecter Center for the Arts
09. Museum of Science
10. The Boardwalk
11. The Moss Palisades Hotel
12. The Bijou
13. The Olympic
14. Zephyr
15. The Southside Bar & Grill
16. O'Kelly's Olde Irish Pub
17. Locus
18. The Gryphon Shop
19. Hyacinth Court
20. Fortress of Solitude
21. Lee's House of Mystery
22. Upton Memorial Boathouse
23. The Xavier Campus

Located to the east of Greyson University's main campus, Shadowgard Center is the city's downtown area, its main center of commerce and the seat of local government. It serves as home to many of the city's municipal buildings, more popular clubs and restaurants, independent retailers and town landmarks. Though there are any number of franchises located in the Center - including CVS, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, multiple Starbucks, etc. - the majority of the locations in the immediate area are unique to Shadowgard. The locations marked on the map above represent a selection of such unique shops, restaurants and attractions.