Memorial Park
1001 State Avenue

First established in 1948, Memorial Park was the brainchild of eccentric local tycoon Charles Moss, who designed the space ostensibly to honor those Shadowgardians lost in the wars of the twentieth century. Where most towns would be content with slabs of marble bearing the names of the dead and missing, Shadowgard's war memorial took a turn toward the bizarre, beginning with a tall Gothic tower standing at the center of the park, visible from nearly any point in town. From there, the memorial expands outward to encompass a series of broken walls bearing graven names; these, in turn, are surrounded by a high hedge maze, which stands upon a comparatively small, open green space.

The tower itself is over twenty-five stories tall, though it contains little more than a spiraling stairwell and ancient elevator leading up to a broad, open chamber at the top. Its design is such that most townspeople find it profoundly unnerving, and rumors of ghosts, curses and secret chambers surround the structure, reinforced by a few disappearances and deaths on the site. The city of Shadowgard opens the tower to the general public every summer and fall, but despite the breathtaking view from the chamber at the top, most of the locals prefer to give it a wide berth.