22 Spring Street

The second of local club magnate Jonathan Poe's establishments in Shadowgard, Zephyr is an out-and-out dance palace, complete with pounding music, wildly swinging colored spotlights, a vast array of strobes and even a rotating dance floor. Housed inside an old converted warehouse, this particular club caters to more of a young adult clientele -- older college students and recent graduates, as opposed to the teens included in, say, The Olympic's target demographic. Zephyr serves a good deal of alcohol and no food beyond the standard offerings of pretzels and peanuts, the club has countless dark corners and security is notoriously lax on the inside; as such, the club is strictly 21+, and while some of the bouncers are only too happy to let a pretty young thing through, most of them know better. Management frowns heavily upon the admission of underage patrons, and if caught, it could quite literally spell the end of a bouncer's career not only at Zephyr but at every club and bar in town.

Though visitors to Zephyr are carefully frisked for weapons, and guns, knives, batons and the like are all confiscated, the club is far from crime-free. Its interior is, after all, a large, dark space, with plenty of isolated corners and corridors and very little in the way of effective security. Half the cameras inside aren't even working, and none of the staff are quite as vigilant as they could be. The crimes committed inside Zephyr range from sexual assault, rape, and purely human altercations to all-too-frequent vampire attacks and feedings. There are even more than a few rumors of some sort of white slavery or kidnapping ring that draws most of its victims from Zephyr's clientele. These stories are probably exaggerated, but for any number of reasons, there are a genuinely disturbing number of disappearances at the club -- all of which are quickly hushed up by the owners and their allies within the local police force.