The Olympic
352 North Walden Avenue

The Olympic is one of the most popular local hangouts among the teen and young adult population of Shadowgard, a combination coffeehouse, café and nightclub open until the wee hours every night of the week. Most nights, the club offers a DJ who spins primarily Top 40 hits, though he does take requests; and on these nights, the club is open to anyone over fifteen, with a five dollar cover charge applied to all guests.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the club generally offers live musician, ranging from promising local bands to genuinely esoteric artists to nationally or internationally recognized acts. The owner, one Jonathan Poe, is somehow consistently able to get just about any artist to play the club, no matter how big they are or how much they loathe the club scene. The Olympic is strictly 18+ on most Fridays and Saturdays, with a ten to fifteen dollar cover charge applied when live musicians are in the house.

When live acts are not available, Friday or Saturday nights are often turned into theme nights, ranging from Disco Inferno to Poodle Party ('50s night) to the very occasional fetish night. The club frequently adopts a 21+ only policy on such nights, even if the theme is ostensibly innocuous, and the cover ranges from five to ten dollars; there is often a dress code of sorts applied on top of this.

On Sunday nights, the Olympic returns to its usual 15+ policy, plays music selected by a carefully crafted randomization program and charges no cover whatsoever, often offering special deals on snacks and drinks as well. As a result, Sunday nights are especially popular with college students and those teens who are somehow able to convince their parents to let them go out (or, more often, simply sneak out) on a school night.

Though the Olympic generally respects the legal drinking age and bouncers do card as appropriate at the door, IDs aren't necessarily as thoroughly checked as they might be, and with the exception of the theme nights (which can be somewhat scandalous), it's relatively easy for underage teens to get inside and even get a drink or two. Even when the owner is in the house, most to all of the club's employees will turn a blind eye toward fake IDs as long as no one pushes their luck or gets too rowdy. One would think that such flagrant disregard for the law would have been noticed by now, but strangely, the Olympic has yet to suffer even one fine or police raid. That said, drugs are absolutely not tolerated on the premises, and the bouncers will forcibly eject anyone who tries to deal, score or get high inside the club.