The Gryphon Shop
2043 State Avenue

The Gryphon Shop is Greyson University's exclusive internal souvenir shop and bookstore, and the State Avenue location -- just to the east of Greyson's main campus -- is its flagship store. The Gryphon Shop here is housed in a three-story brick and granite building, with the first floor offering products of interest to the general population: Greyson Gryphons caps, shirts and sports jerseys, stuffed versions of the school mascot, general Greyson memorabilia, novels and books written by alumni and local authors, and non-fiction books about the Shadowgard area and the history of Greyson University. The shop even offers miniature Gray the Gryphon costumes around Halloween, so the children of Shadowgard can dress up as the ubiquitous local icon.

The second floor of the building offers heavily discounted office supplies, computer hardware and software and general electronics to the student population, equipping Greyson's young adults with everything they need for college life. The third floor is the dedicated textbook shop, stocking all the recommended and required texts for each and every course in any given term. Though relatively straightforward in its offerings, the Gryphon Shop knows its target demographics and caters to their customers' every need, doing excellent business and bringing a good deal of revenue into the school's coffers each year.