The Southside Bar & Grill
4 Fall Court

The Southside is a fairly straightforward bar and restaurant catering primarily to Greyson's students -- indeed, the walls are covered with old photographs of the campus, pictures of the Gryphons through the years, and university memorabilia -- and offering a decent array of beers and spirits as well as standard pub fare such as french fries, mozzarella sticks, burgers, chicken fingers and the ubiquitous blooming onion. The legal drinking age is carefully enforced, but customers of all ages are more than welcome; the service staff are simply instructed to card anyone who orders alcohol, and make sure that drinks aren't finding their ways into the hands of minors.

The restaurant offers generous seating in a comfortable wood-paneled environment with a solid wooden bar and vintage 1920s bar stools restored to all their original glory. The ground floor also holds a dance floor with a mirrorball and a few spotlights, usually with piped-in music pumping out of a few speakers, though a DJ comes in on Friday and Saturday nights to man the cramped booth to one side. The Southside's main attraction, however, is its Red Room, located in the basement of the establishment, which offers everything from standup comedy to improv, from karaoke to live bands to open mike nights. The Red Room has even hosted an experimental theatre production or two in its time, as well as game nights and casino nights that have proven to be quite popular. All things considered, the Southside may be fairly tame compared to such establishments as The Olympic and Zephyr, but the pub routinely attracts a steady stream of customers and its Red Room events are invariably well-attended.