The Jonathan Upton Memorial Boathouse
151 Water Street

Constructed in 1953, the Upton Memorial Boathouse sits upon the spot where the old Camden Boathouse had stood prior to its destruction in 1935. That facility collapsed in the wake of a freak explosion which killed 19-year-old student Jonathan Upton, whose body was buried beneath the rubble and never recovered. His grief-stricken father, a Greyson alum who would later give the university the Upton Medical Center, hired some of the best designers in the region to create a new, safer boathouse that would hopefully avoid such catastrophes, and funded its construction as soon as the designs were complete and the technologies involved readily available. When it was finished, the Jonathan Upton Memorial Boathouse stood on the bleeding edge of modern architecture and was widely and gladly received by a grateful administration.

Of course, time makes fools of everyone. Today, the once-grand structure is a vine-covered stone, brick and wood port that has begun to visibly decay, shored up through shoddy yet cost-effective maintenance and left dangling on a string that frays all the more with each passing day. Though still a perfectly serviceable building, the Upton Boathouse has suffered from a serious shortage of funds for the past few decades, and most students and faculty suspect that it will be closed down and condemned before too much longer. The building's reputation is not helped by reports of strange lights, fires and flooding, widely believed to be the work of Jonathan Upton's ghost -- who may simply be begging for a proper burial, or may be trying to convey a message of greater significance. Many students have begun to speculate that Upton's death was no accident, and his murderer escaped scot-free...but, of course, there's no proof that any such thing happened.