Upton Medical Center
297 Upton Boulevard

Constructed in the 1950s, the Upton Medical Center is a large, decaying teaching hospital located adjacent to Greyson University's North Campus and affiliated closely with the university's School of Medicine. Given its location in the Heights, the hospital is focused primarily upon elder care and pediatrics. Most of the doctors are either aging veterans drifting slowly toward retirement, professors who are almost entirely focused on their own research studies, or green residents who are barely out of medical school. The equipment is frequently out-of-date, though the university has sprung for some advanced medical imaging and treatment devices, mainly for experimental work, and the custodial staff is underpaid and just barely inadequate to the needs of a hospital this size.

For all of that, the hospital provides decent medical care to its local patrons. It's perfectly well-equipped for routine checkups, minor illnesses and injuries, ordinary surgeries and long-term sequential treatments. Those patients with conditions that defy the limits of ordinary medicine are generally moved to Mercy Hospital or airlifted into Boston, but such emergencies are rare. While not the best hospital in the county, the Upton Medical Center is reasonably safe, reliable and relatively inexpensive, and as such, it remains quite popular among most of Shadowgard's citizens.