01. Moss Park
02. Beacon Grove Chapel
03. Greyson U. North Campus
04. Upton Medical Center
05. Lawson Public Library
06. Webb High School
07. Potter Middle School
08. Glastonbury Books
09. Mars Café
10. Aradia's Magick Emporium
11. Eternal Grace Cemetery
12. Western Groves Cemetery
13. Museum of Mysteries

Once the wealthiest part of town, as evidenced by the sheer size and fading grandeur of many of the homes and buildings, Shadowgard Heights has long since settled well into the middle class. It's now primarily home to senior citizens, whole extended families of lifelong residents, and young postgraduates looking for inexpensive housing outside of South Shadowgard. Thanks to the generally low rent and relatively reasonable property values in this part of the city, as well as the structures remaining from the era when Shadowgard Heights represented the main part of the city and held the downtown area, this region is also home to many small, independent shops and businesses catering to more specialized demographics.