01. Silent Glen Cemetery
02. Arthur High School
03. Simmons Middle School
04. Apollo's Raven
05. The Blue Triangle
06. Southview Arms
07. Shadowgard Grand Motel
08. Municipal Transit Station

Also known as Southgard, South Shadowgard is a sprawling mass of rundown buildings at (unsurprisingly) the southern end of town, and is widely considered the 'bad' side of Shadowgard - and it certainly can get pretty damn bad. Pretty much everyone who lives here now is well below the poverty line, the crime rates are out of control even by Shadowgard's already impressive standards, there's a thriving black market and the district seems to serve as a breeding ground for the local demonic population. There hasn't been a lot of honest work to be had here for ages - where this was once the industrial sector of Shadowgard, filled with factories and warehouses, many of the companies have closed up their plants and moved on to greener pastures. Now the place is a warren of abandoned factories, low-security storage facilities, seedy motels, bars, strip clubs and brothels, rundown houses and outright slums. There are very few landmarks of note, and with few exceptions, no one comes to South Shadowgard unless they're forced to live or work there.