Silent Glen Cemetery
Silent Glen Drive and Hawthorne Way

Silent Glen is the largest and poorest cemetery in all of Shadowgard, a sprawling mass of broken tombstones, crumbling mausoleums and rough, weathered statuary that occupies very nearly a quarter of South Shadowgard, extending from Hawthorne Way to the east and Silent Glen Drive in the north all the way to the Mesqotonic Parkway to the south and west. Vandalism is extremely common here, and repairs and routine maintenance occur infrequently, if at all. Worse still, the cemetery sits in one of the most strongly demon-infested sections of the city, and many of those buried here represent local vampires' most common victims: drifters, the homeless, the destitute.

As such, new vampires rise from the grounds of Silent Glen nearly every night of the week. Most to all of the tombs and crypts are consistently occupied; if one occupant or another is slain, someone else moves in, and most of the residents represent the worst of the worst, the vampires and demons that even other demons don't want to cross. Ghosts wander the grounds in great crowds, transforming the cemetery into a landscape of hell for anyone who has the sight to see them. In many ways, Silent Glen is Shadowgard as it would be if one or another of the town's demonic factions ever truly gained the dominance they all seem to crave: a decaying necropolis occupied only by the dead, the victimized, and the monstrous.