Arthur High School
420 Arthur Avenue

This is where you go if your parents can't afford to live in a better part of town, or aren't able to pull the tuition together to send you to even the cheapest of private schools. The whole campus is overcrowded, eternally rank, covered in endless layers of graffiti, and filled with overworked teachers; and if you're unlucky enough to be targeted by one of the resident bullies, no one, but no one, will lift a finger to save you from being beaten within an inch of your life. The kids here have virtually no hope and no illusions about their future - and very few have any kind of future to speak of. Nearly half the students routinely cut class and skip school days altogether. Arthur's teens vanish or simply die with alarming frequency. The teachers and administrators hardly seem to notice anymore.

The only bright spot in Arthur's otherwise terrible reputation is the school's athletic program. In football, baseball, basketball and soccer, the Arthur High Knights frequently give the North High Vikings a run for their money.