Apollo's Raven
424 Hawthorne Way

Housed in an old factory that has deliberately been left in a state best described as "stable decay," Apollo's Raven is a popular teen nightclub with a loose vampire/Goth theme, featuring low, gloomy lights, curtained alcoves, and all the other appointments one would expect from such an overwrought construction. Still, the Goth crowd tends to flock to the place, and since the liquor flows freely and the bartenders and bouncers don't look too closely at patrons' IDs, the club is fairly popular among Shadowgard's general teen population as well.

Given its proximity to Silent Glen Cemetery (it's literally right across the street) and its location in a part of Shadowgard that's generally thought of as the 'bad side of the tracks,' Apollo's Raven has seen more than its share of disappearances and murders, and whether they know it or not, the teens who come to this club take their lives in their hands each and every time they do so. The bouncers do try to keep an eye out for vampires, and occasionally stake one or more inside the walls of the club (usually passing such incidents off as floor shows and publicity stunts), but they simply can't catch everyone. Apollo's Raven is intrinsically dangerous for just about anyone who's not actually already a creature of the night.