Greyson University North Campus

01. Vries Student Center
02. Upton Medical Center
03. Burke Surgical Building
04. Weaver Center
05. Lockhart Medical Library
06. Olin Science Center
07. Cameron Hall
08. Webster Hall
09. Finch Hall
10. Holmes Hall
11. Holt Hall
12. Chase Law Library
13. Cabot Hall
14. Brown Hall
15. Mayberry Hall
16. Valentine Hall
17. McCoy Library
18. Riverdale Apartments
19. Smithson St. Apartments
20. Charles Way Apartments

The history of Greyson University's North Campus began in 1898, when the affluent founders of the university bought the old St. Agnes Hospital outright for use as a teaching hospital attached to the nascent medical school. Over the next few years, they bought or constructed other buildings in the area, including the Lockhart Medical Library, Finch Hall, and Cabot Hall, using these as supplemental buildings for their more advanced programs. However, major expansion of the North Campus did not begin until 1949. In that year, a devastating fire destroyed the old hospital, killing many of the staff and patients. A network of grieving locals and stricken alumni came together to rebuild and expand the facilities, led by one Dr. Robert Upton, an alumnus of the Greyson University School of Medicine who had previously given the school the Jonathan Upton Memorial Boathouse. Their efforts led to the erection of the Upton Medical Center, the Burke Surgical Building, Cameron Hall, and many of the other buildings used by the School of Law and the other postgraduate programs to this day.

Nearly all of the buildings on the North Campus have been renovated at least once, and the School of Medicine's buildings in particular are very well-kept indeed. The libraries are also state-of-the-art, with excellent facilities for preservation and restoration, and house many rare and unique volumes - including, in the case of the Lockhart Library, a handful of old medical texts bound in human skin, objects of some curiosity for the student population. In many respects, the North Campus represents the more modern component of Greyson's facilities. It is currently used primarily for the university's various postgraduate programs and is generally considered the grad students' home base, but a handful of undergraduate courses are usually held in North Campus classrooms each term - much to the consternation of the hapless undergrads who have to take the bus or walk a fairly significant distance just to get to class.

On the map, blue buildings represent Medical School buildings, red buildings represent Law School holdings, green buildings represent those structures given over to general postgraduate studies, purple buildings represent student housing and the Vries Student Center is given in yellow.