Potter Middle School
44 School Street

Originally a private school constructed in 1869 to educate the children of the wealthy families that still filled Shadowgard Heights at the time, the Potter School was bought out by the city following the Great Depression, at which time it was used to educate most of Shadowgard's children up until high school. When Shadowgard Elementary was constructed after World War II, the Potter School was left to serve only those students in grades seven and eight. Today, it's a decent public school that could use a few new textbooks, some extra computers and a few structural repairs, but largely offers a good education in a comfortable environment. With the mounting popularity of the work of J.K. Rowling, Potter Middle School has picked up the nickname 'Hogwarts' - used primarily by its own students, trying to inject a little glamour into the place - but currently holds an unusually tiny share of Shadowgard's inherent weirdness.