Shadowgard City Hall
1300 State Avenue

The seat of Shadowgard's city government, this stone building, erected in 1915, is fairly prosaic, all things concerned; stately, to be sure, but not particularly unique or visually interesting. It looks more or less like any other city or town hall in any other random New England settlement, and its only notable feature is the spacious, well-maintained garden just behind the building, where assorted city festivals are hosted each year. Because the garden also contains a fountain and wading pool, it's also quite popular among families with young children (at least in the summer), but generally, no one goes out of their way to visit the city hall unless they're going there on business.

The interior of the five-story building contains the offices of the mayor and the city councilmen, the main council chamber, the office of the city clerk, a Social Security Administration branch office, and other such things, as well as the offices of the Kerry County Supervisor and the associated regional government. The building also holds a decently-sized auditorium that occasionally hosts free concerts and children's theatre productions, though it's more often used for town meetings and debates between candidates for municipal office.