The Xavier Campus

01. Church House
02. Lovelace House
03. Nikola Tesla Science Center
04. Avenue of Tomorrow
05. Asimov Field
06. William Nye Center
07. The Apocryphon Café

For the first several years of its existence, the so-called 'nerd fraternity' of Gamma Lambda Mu did not have its own house. Though its members and alumni tried unsuccessfully to acquire or construct a house on Fraternitas Drive, each effort was ultimately thwarted, and the frat remained confined to dorm rooms and university public space until 1993.

In the spring of that year, Gamma Lambda alum Ed Church - who had hit the jackpot with his computer gaming company, Sanctuary Entertainment - provided the fraternity with a sizeable donation which was soon matched by other affluent alumni. This infusion of cash provided the fraternity with the funds it needed to secure a decent amount of choice real estate in Shadowgard Center, within walking distance of Greyson's main campus, and to construct housing facilities and other structures that would soon become the envy of the entire Greek system. Of course, there were strings attached: Church himself mandated the conversion of Gamma Lambda Mu to a coed fraternity or the creation of an affiliated sorority with full access to all facilities and privileges (reportedly at the insistence of his wife and college sweetheart, former GLM Little Sister Colleen Bedford Church), as well as the establishment of a cybercafe and gaming center that would offer a return on his investment and provide funds to the fraternity and sorority on the whole. Other donors mandated the creation of a charitable operation dedicated to encouraging interest in science among Shadowgard's children and teens; this project eventually evolved into the William Nye Center for Science in the Community.

Nevertheless, the conditions of these donations have been more than outmatched by the benefits to the combined Gamma Lambda organization. Brothers and sisters enjoy comfortable housing, private laboratories, privileged access to the game center across the street, an interesting and rewarding opportunity for volunteer work, and access to the best cutting-edge scientific research and technology. Though Gamma Lambda Mu and Gamma Lambda Phi are still thought of as the 'nerd' fraternity and sorority, their parties are well-attended, their miniature campus is the envy of every student on campus, they're surrounded by just the right amount of awe and mystery, and each year they end up with more would-be applicants than they can handle. All things considered, the geeks have a pretty sweet thing going as far as their 'house' is concerned.