Our Lady of Redemption Cemetery
1301 Redemption Road

More commonly known simply as Redemption Cemetery, this is a sprawling Victorian graveyard first established around 1900 and now occupying a large chunk of the Center's heart. The cemetery holds a great many of the merchants and middle-class families who died throughout the 20th Century, and it is currently quite full, with no immediate plans or opportunities for expansion. A few burials are still performed here each year, but the number of empty plots is rapidly dwindling.

Naturally, Redemption Cemetery is surrounded by its own particular myths, legends, and accounts of strange happenings. A number of people who have dared to scale the cemetery's walls in the dead of night (the graveyard closes at dusk) have gone missing or turned up dead days later, as have many of the individuals who have broken into the various stately crypts and mausoleums on property. There are also numerous tales of hauntings at Redemption Cemetery, including a marble lion outside the old Richardson crypt that comes to life and roars to mark each family member's passing as it happens, and a "vanishing hitchhiker" story similar to Chicago's Resurrection Mary, involving a wild-haired redheaded girl in a white dress who appears to drivers outside the cemetery gates and asks to be taken to an old manor in Shadowgard Heights -- a manor house that burned down over fifty years ago. As the driver nears the former site of the old manor, the girl inevitably vanishes from his or her passenger seat. In another clear parallel to the story of Resurrection Mary, the iron bars of the cemetery's immense gates have been found pried apart, with scorch marks and deep impressions in the shape of small, feminine hands left in the solid metal.

However, many of the stories surrounding Redemption Cemetery seem to be borrowed from other sources, and no one can quite be certain which tales are actually authentic or unique to the area. As such, while the cemetery certainly inspires a certain degree of curiosity and/or dread, it is far from the hottest occult spot in town.