01. North High School
02. E. Shadowgard Jr. High
03. Shadowgard Elementary
04. Crowley Preparatory School
05. St. Catherine's School
06. St. Catherine Church
07. St. Catherine Cemetery
08. Williams Memorial Library
09. Bartleby's
10. AMC Shadowgard 24
11. Summer Grove Mall
12. Gilbride Regent Towers
13. The Wild Stag

Aside from being the area most visitors to Shadowgard pass through on their way to Shadowgard Center or Greyson's main campus, East Shadowgard is the largely residental and generally affluent part of town, the place where the Yuppies, baby boomers and young professionals have gone to roost. It holds countless upper middle class homes complete with spacious yards and white picket fences, upscale apartment buildings with secure parking, positively stellar public schools, and so forth. All things considered, while East Shadowgard is a nice, quiet, picturesque part of town, there's really not much of note here except for the schools, the local library, and a growing commercial and corporate district near the highway at the edge of town.