Crowley Preparatory School
131 Fletcher Way

Founded in 1957, Crowley Prep is a private, hideously expensive K-12 institution that's quite popular among Shadowgard's wealthiest citizens as well as the great and the good from surrounding towns. Conservative uniforms are mandatory, all students are required to take etiquette lessons, and there's a strict and very comprehensive honor code in place. Crowley prides itself in shaping well-mannered, ethical, and balanced young citizens who will inevitably go on to forge the future of the United States.

Or at least that's the theory. In practice, many of the school's neighbors are routinely terrorized by young hellions in Crowley uniforms whose parents could and would buy their way out of a murder charge. Many of the prep school's alumni report that the teachers and administrators have no control, and their classmates made their lives a living hell. There are fine, upstanding young students at this school, to be sure, but they're largely drowned out by the obnoxious, self-satisfied and outright cruel element of the student population.

Despite the constant barrage of protests, threats of litigation and actual lawsuits, the school has yet to assume any liability, and it's remained right where it is without consequence for nearly half a century now. Its administrators are as cool, stoic and impassive as the elegant brick and marble facade: impressive on the surface, polite and trustworthy at first glance, but ultimately hollow on the inside...and possibly concealing a core of genuine malevolence.