33 Park Avenue

Located almost on the very eastern edge of East Shadowgard, within a healthy walk of North High School, Bartleby's is a classic burger joint and malt shop that pays tribute to the '50s and '60s without being overly kitschy. Sure, everything in the place fits the theme -- from the old-fashioned soda fountain to the tabletop jukeboxes to the wallpaper and countertops -- but the owners and managers generally try not to alienate modern teens, as the local students represent their main target demographic. The songs are oldies but goodies, universally popular even decades later, and the staff dresses in fairly timeless fashion rather than poodle skirts or other cutesy fashions. '50s slang and puns on famous celebrities are kept to a minimum. Where other such theme restaurants seem to devolve into kitsch and cliché, Bartleby's manages a subtle tribute with modern flair.

Instead of playing solely on the strength of its theme, Bartleby's plays on the strength of its menu. It's famed throughout Kerry County for its wide and eclectic range of burgers -- two whole pages of the menu are devoted solely to variations on the popular sandwich -- as well as its thick, creamy frappes and its crispy battered fries. The restaurant's cooks also offer a very well-respected interpretation of the Midwich, a popular local dish involving a ground venison, a local variety of onion and hot horseradish sauce. The prices are reasonable for a table service restaurant, the service is excellent, the food in general is great and carside and takeout service are readily available. Thus, unsurprisingly, Bartleby's is a popular destination for dates, off-campus lunches or simply hanging around after school.