The Wild Stag
21 Gabriel Grove Lane

Located near the southern shore of Zeke Pond, the Wild Stag is a country-western bar held inside a spacious, rustic old wooden building with a wide patio offering a fantastic view of the water. The bar serves some food -- mostly fried chicken, French fries, onion rings and other fried snack items -- but mostly offers alcohol, line-dancing and piped-in music. On most nights, the Wild Stag is 18+ only, and the legal drinking age is strictly enforced. The bar does, however, offer karaoke on Thursday and Saturday nights, and is open to all on those nights so long as all children are accompanied by responsible adults. Because of the great care the bartenders take in checking IDs, the Wild Stag isn't particularly popular among local teens or college students, though most people in the area stop by at least once or twice to check out the karaoke scene.