More commonly known simply as Zeke Pond, Ezekiel Kent Pond is the decently large body of water on the northern end of Shadowgard, the source of the Baldwin River that flows south to the Mesqotonic. The original village of Shadowsgarde was built on the pond's shores (though it was called Angels Pond by the first settlers, for reasons forgotten to history); now, of course, nothing of that first village remains, save for the Beacon Grove Chapel, set some distance back from the shoreline, in Shadowgard Heights.

Today, the area surrounding the pond is not particularly developed. There are some private residences deep in the woods around the shores, particularly on the eastern side of the pond, and the pond itself features public beach and fishing areas, but most of the surrounding land is given over to Ezekiel Kent State Park, a vast wilderness filled with trails and campgrounds extending for miles north of Shadowgard, almost all the way into New Hampshire. There are, of course, countless urban legends surrounding this wilderness, including tales of murderous cultists, cannibals, escaped mental patients, serial killers...for a brief period in 1999, there were even claims that the 'actual' Blair Witch lived in a cave somewhere to the north of the pond, and that the disappearance of a few actual people engaged in the search for the 'Zeke Pond Witch' inspired the popular mockumentary.

It is true that there are a number of rock outcroppings in the woods north of Zeke Pond, and these are studded with caves that run inexplicably deep into the Earth - farther than any person who's survived to tell the tale has ever explored. Stranger still, it appears to be impossible to chart or number even the entrances to these caves, as no two maps or surveys of the area have ever agreed with each other - even independent observers on the same survey have reported entirely different things. And, unsettlingly, several explorers have reported seeing symbols carved or painted within these caves - sometimes clearly freshly made - that bear superficial resemblances to several written Native American languages from far-flung regions, but have never been successfully translated or identified.

It is widely known that the caves are dangerous, and visitors to the park are discouraged from entering; in fact, they're encouraged not to leave the nature trails or campgrounds or venture far afield at night at all. Beyond these ragged edges and last bulwarks of civilization, wild animal attacks and violent maulings are all too common, and many a wayward traveler has been found killed, mutilated and at least partially eaten. Others have been found days later, wandering the woods, deeply shaken and half-mad, rambling on about wild beasts that were also men and strange howls and cries that haunt their dreams. The campgrounds are popular enough, but most people understand that if they venture into the dense wilderness beyond, they're taking their lives into their own hands.