Saint Catherine of Alexandria Cemetery
737 Christchurch Road

Established in the mid-19th century and (as might be expected) owned and maintained by the neighboring Saint Catherine Church, this graveyard is filled with many of the more prominent Catholics from throughout Shadowgard's history, individuals and whole lineages that are locally famous. By now, the cemetery is quite crowded; what was once a broad green space is now a densely-packed necropolis, and the number of new burials is dropping off sharply with each passing year. Still, the cemetery is renowned for its beautiful and historic monuments and the touch of continuity it brings to the surrounding community, and is frequently visited by grieving relatives and interested tourists and locals alike.

Due to the sheer number of crosses displayed prominently on the various headstones, tombs and crypts, most of Shadowgard's vampires give this place a wide berth -- the risk of accidently stumbling against something that could scorch their skin right off is simply too high. Though new vampires occasionally rise from graves within the cemetery, they tend to instinctively clear out as soon as they possibly can. From an occult perspective, the most interesting aspect of St. Catherine Cemetery is its extensive array of old, decaying crypts, most of which have been left largely untouched through the years, even by the local occult community. As such, untold mystical artifacts, texts and other treasures may yet be concealed within, waiting to be retrieved -- though the resting places of the honored dead could very well be desecrated or destroyed in any attempt to do so.