Saint Catherine's School for Girls
742 Christchurch Road

Closely affiliated with the nearby Church of Saint Catherine, St. Catherine's School for Girls is a private Catholic high school with decent teachers, surprisingly reasonable tuition and an excellent graduation rate...provided that one ignores the fact that those students who die during their tenure here aren't factored into the equation. Some of this may be due to the rampant misbehavior of many of the students: it's not at all uncommon to see St. Catherine's girls partying late into the night at local clubs, sometimes while still wearing their school uniforms, and quite a few have older and potentially dangerous boyfriends. Though local parents, teachers and priests have railed against the "rampant levels of immorality, indecency and gross irresponsibility" among the student population, very little of substance has been done. The nuns certainly aren't about to go into nightclubs and bars in search of their students, and past attempts at mass discipline have only resulted in further rebellion.

This is not to say that all or even most of St. Catherine's students act in such a manner. For every wild child at the school, there is generally at least one responsible, mature, intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, these are the girls more likely to be ignored, passed over in favor of the students who demand and receive more attention, and tragically, many of these young women end up simply disappearing. Some have been murdered, some abducted, some simply never went home. In truth, it's these girls who meet bad ends more often than the wild party girl types, and no one is quite sure why.

The school occupies a grand, spacious brick and stone building constructed in a vaguely Gothic style, with ivy-covered walls and tall, slightly warped and clouded windows. There are ample athletic fields behind the school proper, and a grand gymnasium attached; in fact, the St. Catherine's Warriors are renowned for their general athletic prowess, frequently butting heads with North High's Valkyries, the other leading team in Shadowgard.

There is no equivalent facility to St. Catherine's for Catholic boys in Shadowgard; however, the school shares a loose affiliation with the St. Francis of Assisi Academy in nearby Silent Hill, a school for Catholic boys between the ages of 12 and 18. On occasion, the two schools even hold joint classes in specialized subjects, and dances and social events allowing students from both schools to mingle are far from uncommon.