Gilbride Regent Towers
2201 Baldwin Avenue

A very recent piece of local construction, the Gilbride Regent Towers are a soaring, compact residential and commercial district concentrated in the three towers that give the immediate area its current name. While the third tower is still under construction, the first two, the Kildare Tower and the Galway Tower, are already complete. The Kildare Tower, or Gilbride One, stands at twenty-one stories and holds a four-story convention center, sixteen floors of office space and a food court and lounge on the top story. The fourteen-story Galway Tower, Gilbride Two, holds a huge number of luxury apartments, condominiums and penthouses, as well as housing a number of hotel rooms and suites. Finally, the seven-story Waterford Tower, due to be completed sometime in 2005, will hold a large shopping center, a new movie theatre, nightclubs and a rooftop amphitheatre. There's also a good deal of park space around the Regent Towers, a performance center containing three stages of various sizes and styles, and a small concert center. Needless to say, the development of the Gilbride Regent Towers has left a number of local entrepreneurs feeling decidedly nervous at best.