01. Hallahan's Hollow Cemetery
02. MacGillivray's Hollow Cemetery
03. Shannon's Hollow Cemetery
04. Gabriel's Hollow Cemetery
05. Angel's Hollow Cemetery
06. Raphael's Hollow Cemetery
07. University of Mass. Shadowgard
08. Xavier Gracey School
09. Carey Place Shopping Center
10. Abraham Center for the Arts
11. St. Raphael Archangel Sanitarium
12. Avalon House

Shrouded Hollows was originally founded in 1852 as an entirely separate settlement, well to the northwest of what were then the outskirts of the town of Shadowgard. The village remained small and relatively obscure until Spiritualism came to the area some decades later. A local girl by the name of Charity Louisa Sullivan emerged as a powerful medium, and the growing Spiritualist movement took root and blossomed as mediums, sorcerers, psychics, believers and skeptics flocked to the area -- not to mention a number of frauds and charlatans. The boundaries and population of the village itself did not swell overly much, as Charity Sullivan insisted to all who would listen that Shrouded Hollows must be pure, devoted to the dead -- in fact, she herself took up residence in Shadowgard, as did many others, returning to the village only to perform various readings, seances and other rituals. The area surrounding the village was given over to six cemeteries, situated in the various 'hollows' that gave the area its name, and many of the houses were converted to ritual space and spirit parlors.

Eventually, of course, the movement fell out of favor and began to fade away into obscurity, and by the time Charity Sullivan died in 1922, the village of Shrouded Hollows was just as happy to move on. Unfortunately, its economy had been dealt a substantial blow by the exodus of decades prior, and it became clear that the settlement would not survive on its own as the tourists grew fewer and farther between. Eventually, the meager government of Shrouded Hollows chose the only viable option available to them, dissolving and reincorporating as part of the growing city of Shadowgard.

Today, Shrouded Hollows is still best known for its historic and picturesque cemeteries -- where the dead easily outnumber the living in the immediate area, by a factor of ten to fifteen -- and the occultists and modern-day witches that have recently taken an interest in the area and its history. There are also a number of college students in this area, as the University of Massachusetts Shadowgard's main campus is located in the center of the district; and there are always plenty of curious teenagers and amateur ghost hunters trying to get a look at the old sanitarium to the north. However, aside from the cemeteries, much of Shrouded Hollows is currently residential; the settled portions tend to be utterly forgettable. A few of the houses are said to be haunted, of course, but for the most part, those stories are little more than urban legends.