Carey Place Shopping Center
1 Carey Place

Constructed around Charity Sullivan's childhood home, the Carey Place Shopping Center is currently a thriving business district arranged around a triangular courtyard paved with cobblestones. At the center of the courtyard, standing before her childhood home to the north and facing roughly southwest, is a life-sized bronze statue of the famed Shrouded Hollows medium herself, her hands stretched out toward the ground below while her gaze is turned upward toward the sky. In her left hand, she holds a silver key; in her right, a transparent crystal with seven sides. The statue was commissioned and erected by the New Albion Spiritualist Association, the modern group that claims to be carrying Charity's work forward, which also owns the entirety of the plaza and maintains the old Sullivan home.

In fact, the old Sullivan residence is now the centerpiece of the shopping center and Shrouded Hollows' tourist trade, as it has transformed into a high-end bed and breakfast known as the Albion Inn and exclusively owned and operated by the New Albion Association. For upwards of a hundred dollars a month, visitors can sleep in luxurious feather beds, enjoy two fine meals a day in the Inn's cozy and comfortable dining room, and maybe even see a spirit or two -- or so claims the literature. In actual fact, the Albion Inn doesn't appear to be haunted; Charity Sullivan moved out before her abilities expanded to the point where she was contacting truly powerful or malevolent spirits, and the ghosts that she claimed to have encountered during her childhood have apparently moved on or entered a period of dormancy -- if they ever existed at all. A few visitors and staff members have spoken of encounters with ghosts, but these stories tend to be vague and inconsistent with the known history of the hotel, and are likely the result of a healthy imagination and hunger for attention rather than any genuine encounters with the unquiet dead.

Aside from the Albion Inn, Carey Place is home to a number of small specialty stores, including a tiny organic grocery, a couple antiques stores, and a bookstore known as the Spirit Chamber which specializes in texts on UFOs, conspiracy theories, occult matters, psychic phenomena and other such subjects. The Spirit Chamber is fairly nondescript, and aside from a few spirit boards and decks of Tarot cards, it sells only books. The owners don't claim any psychic powers and don't offer readings -- they claim only a strong interest in the topics represented in their store, and a belief that every view should be represented. Thus, a wide variety of texts from skeptical criticisms of psychic research to the most lurid and ludicrous bits of fluff may be found in the store, and the owners and staff will generally refrain from recommending any specific books -- they believe that their customers should find their own truths.