Angel's Hollow Cemetery
Chiurgeon Street and Hawthorne Way

No one quite knows who established Angel's Hollow, who owned the land when it became a cemetery or who exactly keeps it running now. Most people presume that the secretive society established around Charity Sullivan is responsible for the cemetery's creation and care, but this simply cannot be confirmed -- nor can that possibility be ruled out with any degree of certainty.

The facts, are they are understood, are such such: since its creation, the cemetery has offered inexpensive cemetery plots to anyone and everyone in the Shadowgard area who's needed them, and as such, the graveyard has become quite popular, most especially in recent years. Then there's the graveyard's central section, which is reserved for clergy, spiritual leaders, Spiritualists and mediums. So long as the decedent's credentials are in order, the plots in this section are offered free of charge -- if you know who to talk to, of course, and given the shadowy nature of the cemetery's administration, that knowledge is not so easy to come by.

Most of the monuments within this cemetery are tombstones, small statues and humble crypts; very few of the memorials are especially grand in scale or in structure. The exception is the Angel of Mysteries, which may or may not mark an actual grave; this particular monument takes the form of a seven-sided stone pedestal bearing a six-foot tall statue of an angel, composed of steel and constantly polished to a mirror finish, though, apparently, no one has ever seen anyone actually do the polishing. The Angel, an androgynous figure, stands with feet planted wide apart and wings outspread, staring up at the sky, covering its face with a blank mask held in both hands. The origin of the statue is unknown. As far as anyone is aware, it has always been there. It bears no inscription, no markings. It simply is, and its very presence continues to attract curious visitors to the cemetery's grounds.