Gabriel's Hollow Cemetery
North Walden Avenue and Chiurgeon Street

Established (anonymously) by one Henry Quinn, a local politician of some repute who was secretly part of Charity Sullivan's inner circle, Gabriel's Hollow Cemetery caters to the great and the good: military heroes, beloved politicians, and of course the very rich. It is a great green space featuring rolling, carefully manicured lawns, slender trees and even a picturesque babbling brook. The monuments are generally large, stately and imposing, constructed of the finest materials by truly gifted artists. Fountains and statuary are scattered as freely as tombs and crypts across the grounds, and smoothly gliding paths wind and weave through the whole cemetery.

Quinn's own memorial is a fairly plain seven-walled tomb surrounded by seven pillars, with an internal passage that leads into a vast underground maze. Reportedly, his body lies in a stone sarcophagus at the center of the maze, with the whole top surface set ablaze in eternal flame, but while such a memorial is specified in his will, no one has successfully navigated the maze and emerged prepared to comment on what they found. The Quinn estate has paid a series of groundskeepers to inspect and maintain the memorial, but each is sworn to secrecy with regard to the layout of the maze and its contents. Plenty of people have attempted to find their way to the true memorial, but in the end, most visitors must content themselves with the smaller eternal flame burning in the above-ground portion of Quinn's memorial.