Abraham Center for the Arts
421 Central Avenue

Decidedly less grand in scale than the Lecter Center for the Arts, the Abraham Center is older, dating back to the 1920s. It was one of the first new buildings constructed as the living began to return en masse to Shrouded Hollows, an affirmation of life and art following the attempted transformation of the village into a city of the dead and the spirits. The building is well-maintained, if rather humble in its structure and far from the state of the present art. The building contains a small concert hall and theatre with a couple hundred seats, a couple studios, and a glass-fronted atrium that doubles as the local art gallery, showcasing the work of painters, photographers and sculptors from throughout the Shadowgard area.

Like many of Shadowgard's buildings, the Abraham Center carries its own ghost story, revolving around a pair of community theatre actors, a man and woman whose names have been lost to history, who were allegedly poisoned during the course of a local troupe's performance of Romeo and Juliet. To this day, it is said, the actors continue to appear on the stage every night at the stroke of midnight, playing out their all too real death scene, and the famous play has not been performed at the Abraham Center for the past several years. Reportedly, strange happenings and ill fortune have followed all subsequent productions from the moment rehearsals began.