Grey Angels: The Animated Series
A number of animated versions of the characters created by the Director and assorted players using the excellent time-wasting diversion that is

New Monster: The Dearghdul
A close cousin to the common vampire, the dearghdul is a rare but greatly feared vampire of Celtic origin, possessed of new and widely expanded abilities. Because these creatures are generally intended for use as Big Bads or at least noteworthy adversaries, only the dearghdul Quality is described within - it is recommended that you use only a couple dearghduls in your game at most, surrounded by a gang of common vampire or demon agents.

New Quality: Nascent Triton Hybrid
The last survivors of Merou, the land that would form the basis of the legend of Atlantis, the Lovecraftian Tritons remain an unknown quantity in the Greyverse. Whatever they truly are, whatever their purpose, this much is certain: their blood runs in Baz Olmstead's veins, and he doesn't seem to be the only adolescent half-blooded fish-boy out there.

New Quality: Prototype Slayerbot
Adapted by Taryn Maddock and Zack Marshall based on existing robotic technology and Carter Fielding's attempts to recreate the standard abilities of a Slayer, there is currently only one Prototype Slayerbot out there, in the form of one Danielle Warden, but the line may expand very soon.

New Weapon: The Saga
An obscure, ancient weapon which Eleanor Ashbury initially passes off as a traditional Slayer's weapon, the saga bears a slight resemblance to the infamous Scythe and, moreover, seems to serve as the Swiss Army knife of the demon hunting set. Bristling with blades for stabbing and slashing, not to mention a built-in stake and a heavy wooden staff, the whole thing is specially consecrated and simply perfect as an all-purpose weapon, particularly for those Slayers who already seem somehow familiar with the thing.

Wolfram Library Special Archive: The Slayers
A series of brief profiles of the various past Slayers that have come up or are likely to come up soon in the context of the game - some drawn from canon sources, some original, and some vastly re-imagined.