Grey Angels: The Animated Series

It all started when some friends of mine started posting animated avatars of themselves, created on, this nifty little free site. Poking around among the portrait creation options, I discovered such items as the graveyard background and the sword animation, created a version of Candace Maddock, my Shadowgard Files character, shared it with the group -- and, as always, it snowballed from there.

The portraits that follow were generally created by the players of the various characters they depict - Katie made Taryn, Mike made Zack and Tim made Baz. I created all the sundry NPCs as well as James Strummer. Be advised that the files are big (around one megabyte each, on average), so visitors on dialup or other low-speed connections may want to give this a miss.

And without further ado, here they are:

01: Taryn Maddock 02: Zack Marshall 03: Baz Olmstead 04: James Strummer
05: Eleanor Ashbury 06: Meredith Barnes 07: Mercy Sullivan 08: Skoros
09: Carter Fielding 10: Candace Maddock 11: David Maddock 12: Maeve Maddock