New Weapon: The Saga

An ancient weapon of indistinct origin, first introduced to the gang by Eleanor Ashbury, the saga (plural: sagae) is a truly versatile tool in the Slayer's arsenal, designed for maximum utility in the fight against the forces of darkness, particularly the various species of vampire. The weapon is exquisitely balanced, weighted so that it may be thrown either as an axe or a spear would be (with either end going first), and consecrated in a special ritual so that it acts as a holy item, dealing two points of damage per Turn when touched and held to a vampire or similar creature. All told, the saga can be considered to be five different weapons, with each component serving its own special purpose, as described below.

  • The stata is the main shaft of the weapon, a stout, strong staff of solid wood which may be used as a club or quarterstaff. When used one-handed, the stata does 3 x Strength points of base damage (Bash type); two-handed, it deals 3 x (Strength +1) Bash damage.

  • The next most prominent component is the luna, the curving metal blade at the head of the saga. When used in a one-handed strike, this blade deals 5 x Strength base damage (Slash/stab); when used two-handed, it delivers 5 x (Strength +1). The weapon can be thrown so that this blade is most likely to strike first, in which case it deals 4 x Strength base damage.

  • The lancea, the spear point positioned just above the luna, can be used (unsurprisingly) as a proper spear. When thrust one-handed in melee combat, it deals 3 x (Strength +1) points of base Slash/stab damage, while a two-handed thrust delivers 3 x (Strength +2) points. The weapon deals 2 x (Strength -1) points of damage when thrown so that the lancea strikes first.

  • The vala is the familiar stake end of the weapon, used primarily to stab vampires through the heart, and acts precisely as a stake, with suitable adjustments for two-handed and ranged attacks.

  • Lastly, ringing the mount for the vala are three small metal blades, known collectively as the laminae, which can be used to slash at the wielder's foe. These blades each deal 2 x (Strength -1) points of base damage (Slash/stab) in a one-handed strike, and 2 x Strength two-handed. It is possible to strike with two of the three blades at once (though the attack must be made at a -2 penalty), in which case the damage is doubled, but it is not possible to strike with all three, nor is it truly feasible to throw the saga so that the laminae land to the exclusion of other components.

Despite its consecrated status, the saga isn't really an enchanted or superscience item any more than an ordinary cross or flask of holy water would be, though some Directors may wish to count it as a Power Level 1 item for purposes of game balance. It's also entirely feasible to limit the saga to one or two relatively unique weapons, as is currently done in Grey Angels. Should you wish to allow your player characters to create and/or consecrate these weapons, they may be constructed with at least four Success Levels on an Intelligence + Mr. Fix-It or suitable Wild Card roll, and the consecration ritual qualifies as a Power Level 4 spell which takes an hour to cast, requires holy water, consecrated earth and (at the Director's option) rare incense, and cannot be Quick Cast. The consecration may be undone through certain dark magics or contact with truly foul creatures, all at the Director's discretion.