Carter Fielding       King of Wands

Full Name Carter Michael Fielding
Actor Jensen Ackles
Birthdate 13 June 1984
Birthplace Boston, MA
Parents Michael Joseph Fielding (b. 1952)
Jennifer Laura Carter Fielding (b. 1953, d. 1985)
Siblings Jennifer Kathleen Fielding (b. 1988, half-sibling)
Sean Liam Fielding (b. 1990, half-sibling)
Occupation Student, Greyson University, Shadowgard, MA
Residence 1944 Riveroak Way, Salem, MA

The stepson of infamous Salem witch Morgan Fielding, Carter Fielding was technically in the know from the start -- though it took a little while for his Slayer girlfriend to find out. Taryn Maddock first met the young man, better known for his legendary programming and game design skills, on her prospective student tour of Greyson's campus, and their connection was virtually instantaneous. Before long, the two were officially dating, building an increasingly close romantic relationship over the course of the entire summer. Then, at last, September came, Taryn discovered that she was a Slayer, and shortly thereafter, made the connection between Carter and the strange witch friend of her father's whom she had met in the past.

Though Carter and Taryn remain close, their relationship has been strained slightly by the young man's obvious discomfort with his girlfriend's destiny. Of late, many of their more contentious conversations have revolved around his wanting to fight alongside her and her wanting to keep him out of it, and he's increasingly been forced to fall back on grand gestures to apologize for ever more frequent and drastic missteps. Though Carter is sweet, kind, and genuinely loving, he's extremely protective of Taryn and seems to doubt that she can truly take care of himself. The two still seem to be in love for the moment, but tension is rapidly mounting and already souring their interactions.