New Quality: Prototype Slayerbot
12-point Quality

Initially designed by Carter Fielding, then refined and realized by Zack Marshall, the prototype Slayerbot is designed to house an artificial intelligence which can then assist or even supplant a Slayer in her duties as necessary. Its every design characteristic is meant to match, as closely as possible, the strength, speed, resilience and even some of the mystical and mental abilities of the Chosen Ones. Currently, within the Greyverse, the Slayerbot exists only in the person of Danielle Warden, the recently embodied artificial intelligence of Lovelace House, but it's possible that additional models will be constructed in the future, and the design may yet be improved upon.

In your game, the Slayerbot might serve as a slightly lower-cost alternative to a Slayer character, possessing a wider range of abilities than the ordinary robot, but still differing from more expensive superpowered types. Though the decision has been made in Grey Angels to keep these creations fairly unique, there certainly could be story possibilities in the idea of someone manufacturing a series or even a whole army of these gynoids.

The current model of Slayerbot is designed to take on the appearance of a human female in her late teens or early twenties, in order to further mimic an authentic Slayer. While this is not strictly necessary, the design as it presently exists specifically accounts for a feminine body structure, and would need to be converted in order to accomodate a masculine appearance.

In terms of her raw abilities, the Slayerbot receives +4 to her Strength and her Constitution, and +2 to her Dexterity - her metallic substructure and hydraulic systems allow for a little more raw strength and resilience, but slow her movement slightly, though better-than-human speeds can still be attained. These bonuses can be used to raise the Slayerbot's stats above 6. The Slayerbot also receives Fast Reaction Time and Hard to Kill 3, and may purchase up to 10 additional ranks of Hard to Kill over her lifetime, provided she remains under warranty. The Slayerbot possesses a hidden compartment in her left forearm that can be used to store a slender knife or stake as a holdout weapon, which may then be removed as a full combat action. Lastly, the current model of Slayerbot features an experimental self-repair system that allows her to regenerate a number of Life Points equal to one-half her Constitution (rounded down) each hour. Swifter repairs may be effected through the application of an Intelligence + Science or Mr. Fix-It roll, as described in the original Robot Quality.

The Slayerbot's mental and sensory abilities are also duly impressive. She possesses a Photographic Memory, allowing her to store and access sensory input exactly as it initially appeared to her, as well as a demon database that acts effectively as an Impressive Occult Library for the purposes of monster identification only - she can access her internal hard drive to do research on any creature she encounters, and receives a +1 bonus to the rolls involved. Naturally, there are some gaps in the Slayerbot's data, so success is not guaranteed. Last but far from least, while the Slayerbot does not possess the innate vampire sense used by the Slayers, she does possess an infrared sensory mode, allowing her to identify bodies that are at or below room temperature (and thus are likely to be vampires or other undead) with a simple Perception roll.

Naturally, the Slayerbot possesses Nerves of Steel, but her resilience against fear is more of a constraint than a boon; along similar lines, while not exactly "Three Laws Safe," she possesses certain minor constraints on her behaviour that amount to the Honorable (Serious) Drawback. While she's not forced to do this work, the duties of the Slayer, as she performs them, amount to an Obligation (Total), and though she can't be detected by any of the spells designed to locate Slayers, she is in the line of fire enough that she receives an Adversary 3 (Vampires & Demons). Lastly, her status as a robot must be kept secret from those who would take her apart or simply destroy her through the use of an electromagnetic pulse or less delicate means; this amounts to a 3-point Secret, as the Slayerbot's life could be in danger if this information ever fell into the wrong hands.

A Slayerbot character may not take any Qualities that are mystical in nature (though Superscience is feasible), may not take the Robot Quality on top of the Slayerbot Quality, and may not take the Werewolf, Vampire or Jock Qualities. Other prohibitions are subject to the Director's discretion.