Gryphon House
1 Fraternitas Drive

First erected in 1934, the spacious, three-story, four-winged Gryphon House is home to Alpha Chi Xi, the fraternity that styles itself the heirs apparent to the legacy of Arthur Greyson and William Solomon. Above-ground, the house is spacious and well-appointed, surprisingly neat for a fraternity house. The library holds a number of aged books, occult texts and additional personal journals written by the school's founders (all works that the Wolfram Library staff would love to get their hands on, and which may have been stolen from that collection to begin with), but things only start to get really strange in the basement and attic. The basement holds a number of magical workshops, small ritual chambers and collections of tools, while the attic, with windows overlooking the entire campus (but positioned and crafted such that no one on the ground or in any other building could hope to peer inside) and a carefully hand-tiled floor in marble, serves as the so-called Grey Fellowship's main ritual chamber. Obviously, only properly initiated, trustworthy brothers are admitted to these areas of the building, and only after they've sworn any number of oaths, many of them bearing mystical compulsions and dire consequences for those who renege on their promises.

All told, this stately brick manor can hold around eighty to a hundred brothers more-or-less comfortably without becoming a fire hazard. Thus far, between relatively low membership and those brothers who have chosen to stay in the dorms, that's been more than enough, but the ever-ambitious fraternity continues to speak of future expansion - particularly since the brothers' jealous gaze has, of late, been directed toward the spectacular buildings and grounds of the Xavier Campus.