Wolfram Library
7 College Circle

Named in honor of Nathaniel Kent Wolfram, one of the co-founders of the university, a scion of the Wolfram family of Wolfram & Hart fame, and an idle antiquarian and bibliophile, the Wolfram Library is a three-story stone structure designed in a faintly classical style, with tall pillars, carved reliefs featuring famed writers from throughout history, and a grand cupola crowning the entire building. It originally served as Greyson's main student library, housing the entirety of the school's collection for the first few decades of the university's operation. Today it holds only noncirculating materials, including particularly rare and delicate volumes as well as the vast majority of Greyson's world-famous collection of occult literature. The library has been upgraded like clockwork on the order of every ten years or so, constantly keeping pace with the latest climate control and book preservation technologies.

Currently, the Wolfram Library is accessible only to faculty members and those students who have obtained the written permission of a duly authorized school official. The library's security system includes metal detectors, x-ray screening devices, video surveillance, an elaborate alarm system and direct lines to Campus Security and the Shadowgard Police Department. At least three guards are posted to the Wolfram Library at all times, making this one of the most secure buildings on campus - barring any major catastrophes, of course.

There have been many, many tales of odd experiences in this building over the years, though many of these have been told and retold countless times, burying the truth far beneath layers upon layers of embellishment. Nevertheless, most students agree that there is some kind of dark force or presence lurking in the halls of the Wolfram Library. Generally speaking, anyone who goes into the building without some sense of trepidation was considered a fairly odd duck to begin with, and most such people just grow more eccentric with long-term exposure to the library's unique atmosphere. More conventional students and faculty members report a pervasive feeling of dread, strange lights and sounds, and shadowy figures walking the halls, leaving many decidedly reluctant to return.