Pierce Hall
2161 State Avenue

Completed in 1894, Pierce Hall was named for Arthur Cain Greyson's close friend and companion Abigail Pierce, who died in the same year. It was Greyson University's first female dormitory; prior to that time, any female students enrolled at the university were forced to find their own housing at one Shadowgard boarding house or another. Modeled after its counterpart, Greyson Hall, Pierce Hall is virtually identical to that building, though a sixth floor was added later, when the female population at Greyson began to expand. The dormitory currently holds between 400 and 450 residents, and features a basement dining hall that can seat 300 students at a time.

Like virtually every other building on Greyson's main campus, Pierce Hall is surrounded by its own peculiar tales of hauntings and strange events. The most popular and well-known of these accounts is the story of the White Rose Lady, which has even been retold in regional guidebooks and various collections of New England folklore. According to the tale, back in 1891, a young woman enrolled at Greyson was set upon by a gang of thugs while walking from campus to her boarding house in South Shadowgard. Her assailants beat her to within an inch of her life, raped her violently, stole everything from her jewelry to the very clothes on her back, slit her throat and left her for dead. With her last breath, the girl cursed her school for leaving its female students unprotected, and after Pierce Hall was completed, her half-mad spirit bound itself to the building, where it could watch Greyson's women for the rest of time. Since then, countless students have reported waking late at night to the sound of frantic knocking on the dorm's main entrance; invariably, once they go downstairs to answer the door, they find a wide-eyed, frightened young girl dressed all in pale colors. Naturally, the students promptly let the distressed young woman inside, but as soon as they look away, they all seem to end up feeling a light breeze and turning back around to find that the girl has vanished into thin air, leaving only a single bone white rose on the floor where she had been standing.

The other unsettling aspect to life at Pierce Hall is the disappearances -- every once in a while, one of the students housed in the basement simply vanishes inexplicably. The intervening period between one incident and the next varies widely; sometimes, only two or three years go by without another vanishing, and sometimes a decade or more passes without incident. Because of the apparently random pattern, the administration generally chalks the disappearances up to deeply tragic but isolated incidents with their own individual circumstances. Still, many students insist that the basement of Pierce Hall is somehow cursed, and only the bravest and most skeptical young women deliberately request rooms in that part of the building.