Greyson Hall
2151 State Avenue

Constructed in early 1891, Greyson Hall was the first dormitory on campus, and housed the first student dining hall, as well, though that area of the building has long since been converted to additional living space. The dorm is still in active use to this very day, though it has of course been upgraded substantially throughout the past several decades. It remains an all-male dormitory, as it has been from the beginning, and its five ivy-sheathed, brick-clad above-ground stories and single basement level can hold 360 to 400 students at a time, mostly in double occupancy rooms, though there are a few scattered singles and triples as well.

In the course of its one hundred plus years of service, Greyson Hall has seen more than its share of overworked, overstressed and severely troubled young men; its floors are all but drowned in the blood of suicides and murder victims. As such, it is haunted by the innumerable spirits of students who were driven to take their own lives, worked to death by their professors and advisors, slaughtered by unnatural forces or killed by one or more of their classmates. For the most part, the residents of this dormitory simply retreat to their rooms late at night, hide beneath the covers and do their level best to ignore the supernatural forces at play all around them. The ghosts of Greyson Hall are discussed in whispers, if at all, but despite the widespread denial, some genuine horror stories have emerged from the halls of this building. As a result, Greyson Hall is easily the most spectacularly unpopular dorm on campus, and very few people live here if they don't have to, thus limiting the dormitory's population to freshmen and those unfortunate upperclassmen who didn't get their housing requests in on time.