Sharp House
8 Fraternitas Drive

Home to Beta Alpha Rho, Sharp House is a stately Roman revival manor house done in white with shining gold and royal purple accents, first constructed in 1952. It features exquisite appointments, a large dining facility, an excellent kitchen with a small culinary staff, and several luxurious, comfortable lounges. The residential portions of the building easily hold forty to sixty residential sisters in relative comfort, and despite the fact that the sorority's books never quite seem to add up, they have no trouble maintaining their house and keeping themselves in the lifestyle to which they are, at the least, rapidly becoming accustomed. The parties held here are intended only to lure in eligible bachelors and/or duly impress the elite among Greyson's current students and distinguished alumni - they're catered, elegant affairs, far removed from the typical college party. The sorority has been known to hold one or two backyard luaus each year, in order to keep some goodwill among the general student population, but for the most part, only the best and brightest (or at least those who style themselves as such) ever come anywhere near Sharp House.