Burbridge House
3 Fraternitas Drive

The home of evangelical Christian fraternity Alpha Chi Alpha, Burbridge House is a large, stately Georgian-style white manor house first erected in 1949, just a little over a year after the brotherhood was first established. Today, the house is home to around forty to fifty residential members at any given time, all of whom take their meals in the main student dining halls. While Burbridge House once had a private dining hall, it was converted in the 1980s into an assembly hall and fraternity chapel, reminiscient of nothing so much as the auditorium from 'Saved!' - plexiglas and paint, fancy lights, bright colors, post-modern Christian symbolism, that sort of thing. The kitchen remains, albeit in greatly reduced form, for snacking, quick meals, and as a place to prepare food, drinks and the coffee urn for larger gatherings in the building.

Most of the events held in the house are in keeping with Alpha Chi Alpha's attitude and mission statement - sermons, talks from visiting evangelical theologians and conservative figures, prayer meetings and so forth. The closest the frat house comes to holding an outright party is the annual Greyson Christian Music Festival, which features a series of concerts by more local bands and musicians as well as at least one headliner of national fame, at least within the Christian rock scene. There's still no booze and no wild making out in the den, but at least the atmosphere is festive.