West Kroft Hall
1925 Greyson Road

In the late 1960s, Greyson's student population entered a period of steady growth - a phase that continues, in fact, to this very day. Fortunately, at the time, the university's coffers were also filling to overflowing, and a sizeable donation from one Alan Kroft allowed the administration to push forward with the simultaneous construction of two new dormitories, each significantly larger than any of the existing residence halls. When they were completed in 1971, they were hailed as triumphs of modular architecture. Neither one is much to look at, as the exterior designs of the soaring steel and concrete structures are brutally efficient, but most students adore the rooms and the amenities found therein.

Slightly larger than East Kroft Hall, West Kroft was originally intended as an all-male dormitory, but a minor housing crisis in 1987, caused by an increase in the female student population, forced the dormitory to turn coed, and it has remained so ever since.

Currently, West Kroft Hall holds between 2000 and 2200 students, with a fairly even mix of men and women scattered throughout the hall. Initially, the sexes were segregated by floor, but this has since become impractical, so there are now a few coed floors in the building. Obviously, the school has yet to allow mixed-sex roommates in campus housing, but when students and administrators crack jokes about that being the next step, they may be more serious than most listeners would expect.