Rumors and Legends of Greyson University

Though most urban legends set at Greyson University involve specific buildings or landmarks, there are some few that are more properly applied to wider areas within the university's holdings, or even the entirety of the campus proper. The myths, legends and more common rumors outlined below represent the most popular of these more generalized tales.

The Tunnels
Greyson's students remain perennially curious about its tunnels, the series of subterranean corridors that ultimately connect with the basement levels of every building on the main campus, including all of the fraternity and sorority houses. The tunnels themselves are quite real, and have been a part of the campus from the beginning, expanding as its holdings have expanded, renovated as necessary through the years. Though they were initially used by all students and faculty, access was formally and officially restricted following student demonstrations in the 1960s and 1970s that made use of the tunnels to invade the university's administrative offices and other buildings on campus. Now the tunnels are used almost exclusively by campus maintenance and the food service staff to transport various supplies and move quickly from building to building. In the event of particularly severe weather, the university has been known to open the tunnels to all students once again so they may more easily reach the dining halls and classrooms, but this has only happened twice in the past decade. None of the students presently on Greyson's campus have been in the tunnels -- at least not with the knowledge and approval of the administration.

As with anything mysterious, Greyson's tunnels draw a great deal of attention and fascination, and rumors swirl about the entire concept of these 'secret' corridors. There are those who claim that the university's official reason for locking them up was a cover story, that a student was lost in the tunnels and died or that some dark force or cannibalistic cult took up residence within the corridors, threatening the entire campus. There are tales that claim the tunnels extend beyond the main campus, leading to secret laboratories where experiments were (and perhaps still are) conducted on human subjects. There are rumors that claim the whole system is haunted or cursed in some way, that the tunnels somehow move and shift, so that the unwary are easily trapped and consumed by whatever force lies therein.

Fact is somewhat harder to come by. To be sure, there are alumni and former employees of the university who say they saw or heard things in the tunnels, who claim that friends were lost down there, that strange things happened and the university covered them up. But there are others who say just as decisively that nothing strange happened to them at all, though they went down into the tunnels several times. The tunnels are frequently broken into -- at least once a year -- by various interested parties, ranging from amateur ghost hunters to RPG enthusiasts looking for a 'real' dungeon to dumb jocks hoping to impress their girlfriends; and no one has been verifiably lost or killed in the tunnels, though there are plenty of disturbing stories surrounding these illicit adventures. Some students return from the tunnels claiming that their friends have been lost; but when the records are searched, there's nothing to indicate that the lost parties ever existed. Some students have returned with personalities that were -- reportedly -- drastically changed; there are even reports of students committing suicide after an adventure in the corridors. Of course, many of these stories have been warped by time and simply cannot be corroborated, but the unsettling aura still clings to the tunnel system, giving even the most skeptical students pause where these tales are concerned.