Ravenscroft Manor
42 Fraternitas Drive

A rambling old Victorian manor house, Ravenscroft Manor was first constructed to house President Arthur Cain Greyson in 1898. Largely, the mansion has been carefully preserved through all the intervening years, renovated to take advantage of new technologies while largely maintaining the old house's charm. The electrical and plumbing systems have been replaced multiple times, and the house is now wired for full cable and Internet access, in most respects, it's largely as it was at the end of the 19th century.

The mansion's interior contains bedrooms of nearly decadent size, opulent bathrooms, a spacious dining room and kitchen, a vast library and adjoining study, and - reportedly - a large number of secret rooms and passages, though this last has never been publicly confirmed or denied. During the reigns of previous Presidents of the University, visiting professors and new arrivals on campus were often housed in the mansion's many guest rooms; and many of the more recent Presidents, Elizabeth Shaw included, have frequently opened their doors to the entire campus, holding massive dinners and receptions throughout the year and inviting distinguished guests to speak with all assembled. Ravenscroft Manor has long been a place of noise, light, heated debate and sheer joy, even as the administration at large has grown increasingly authoritarian and secretive.