Northam House
10 Fraternitas Drive

Home to Psi Delta Xi, Northam House is a fairly nondescript, vaguely Romanesque manor house first constructed in 1939. It was originally a brilliant white with blue and copper accents, but now the accents are gone and the paint is sullied and peeling, exposed as it has been to the elements. Inside, the house is a mess, filled with disconcerting smells and the unshakeable remembrances of rotgut booze, truly crazy parties and bad, often unwanted sex. The brothers can't even be bothered to care for it anymore - most of them are too perpetually drunk or high to even care. The school and the rest of the houses on Fraternitas Drive would dearly love to tear Northam House down once and for all, but until they manage to prove some of the allegations against the Psi Delts and at last disband the fraternity altogether, there's not much that can be done.