Dixon House
7 Fraternitas Drive

First erected in 1940, Dixon House is a spacious if fairly plain brick and mortar manor that serves as home to the sorority of Sigma Zeta Chi. Though it was once elegantly furnished and appointed, only some of that past elegance remains, in the form of chandeliers and other more permanent fixtures. Today, the house is low on frills, housing fifty sisters in comfort but not luxury - the girls of Sigma Zeta Chi would much rather spend as much as possible on charity and make do with secondhand furniture and meals in the main student dining halls than deprive the poor and needy of aid just so they can enjoy Italian leather couches or gourmet meals. The parties thrown here are almost always fundraisers, and most of the space within the house has long since been given to other projects deemed more worthwhile, such as the Sigma Zetas' campus crisis hotline. For all of that, when they do throw a party or a rally or whatever else, they don't tend to have any trouble filling the place to capacity.