Bryant House
6 Fraternitas Drive

Erected in 1931, Bryant House is the home of Delta Epsilon Nu, a spacious neo-Victorian manor with clean lines and elegant trim and detailing, painted a pleasant light blue and white. Inside, the house is so well-kept and exquisitely decorated that many students assume that the sisters must have Martha Stewart's home number on speed dial. In fact, this may not be far from the truth: many of the sisters come from wealthy and influential families, so a number of prominent interior decorators have indeed been put on retainer over the years, and a full domestic staff with only the very best training is employed by the organization. The Delta Eps even have a private chef and small kitchen staff to prepare the meals served in their dining hall. The house currently holds around thirty residential sisters at one time - it could undoubtedly house still more, but the girls really, truly, upon pain of death require their personal space, lest, by their own admission, they transform into raging bitches. Of course, most of Greyson's student body would add that acquiescing to their demands doesn't actually seem to help in that respect, but there's something to be said for not making matters any worse.