Westcott House
2 Fraternitas Drive

The home of Zeta Theta Pi, Westcott House is a good-sized, prosaic but clean and stately three-story brick and granite manor house constructed in 1939. On the outside and through much of the inside, it's a typical - if very well-kept and surprisingly free of booze and borderline pornographic pinups - fraternity house. The basement holds the brothers' ritual space, workshops and magical library, but despite the fraternity's semi-open relationship with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, visitors aren't generally told about those areas and certainly aren't allowed down into the basement. As far as anyone knows, no one at Greyson has even managed to break in successfully. Since Zeta Theta Pi throws fairly safe fraternity parties (the house is dry, and the brothers always seem to know if someone is trying to bring in drugs of any kind, or attempting to do violence to another partygoer), the house is frequently visited by all sorts of Greyson students; other than that, it holds around fifty fraternity brothers at a time in relative comfort. Interestingly, all of the brothers are treated equally, with bedrooms of uniform size, communal bathrooms and roommates for even the senior officers of the frat.