North Sports Center
2113 State Avenue

Erected in 1974, this utilitarian five-story facility was named for Greyson alum and Olympic decathlete David North, who led the fundraising drive that led to its construction. Though it is no longer quite as state of the art as it was when it was first built, the Sports Center still meets most of the university's needs and is quite popular with its students. The building contains an indoor track with a central area easily refitted for volleyball or tennis, an Olympic swimming pool, a skating rink suitable for hockey tournaments, and a full basketball court. There is also a full gym and health spa available for the use of all faculty, students and staff.

Sporting events aside, the Sports Center often hosts large-scale special events, such as commencement (though the ceremony is generally held outside, except in the case of inclement weather) and the annual Homecoming Dance, as well as other assorted dances and parties throughout the year.